The Senfin Shariah Balanced Fund is an open-ended unit trust fund which will invest in Shariah compliant equity securities listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange and in Shariah compliant income securities.

Portfolio Characteristics

The Fund is a balanced fund and therefore will assume a moderate level of risk by investing in equity and income securities. The Fund’s strategic (long-term) allocation to Shariah compliant equity and Shariah compliant income securities will be 60% and 40% respectively. However, the Fund Manager has the discretion to increase allocation to equity up to 70% of the total assets of the Fund. Furthermore, the Fund Manager will adopt tactical or short-term asset allocation strategies and invest a major portion of the fund in Shariah compliant income securities with a view to protecting capital at times of possible stock market declines/over-valuation, subject to the guidelines stipulated by the SEC.