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Our philosophy at SenFin Asset Management is built on the principle of intelligent investing, through quality decisions based on thorough research and knowledge

Fund - 06/05/2021 Unit Holder's Buying Price Unit Holder's Selling Price NAV
Senfin Dynamic Income Fund 10.1504 10.1504 10.1504
Senfin Money Market Fund 15.2983 15.2983 15.2983
Senfin Growth Fund 8.94 8.64 8.73
Senfin Shariah Income Fund 12.5346 12.5346 12.5346
Senfin Shariah Balanced Fund 11.60 11.33 11.38

Senfin Asset Management (Private) Limited is licensed and regulated by the Securities & Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka (SEC) to manage Unit Trust Funds and Private Portfolios inclusive of both Conventional and Shariah compliant Funds.


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